A fifth of all claims for stolen smartphones and tablets are made in the Yorkshire town, a survey has revealed. The figure is more than double the number of claims made in London for nicked tech gear like iPhones and iPads and four times higher than the national average.

Chinese City Aims to Become Global Mobile Phone Capital by 2025 A southern Chinese city which produces about 263 million mobile phones annually, accounting one-eighth globally, plans to become a global mobile phone capital by 2025.

The government of Huizhou in Guangdong province has broken down its ambitious plan into three phases for the next decade.
It will focus on infrastructure and bringing in businesses for brand-building, design and core industrial chain development from 2015 to 2017.


California Cops Are Using These Biometric Gadgets in the Field

Law enforcement agencies around the country are increasingly embracing biometric technology, which uses intrinsic physical or behavioral characteristics—such as fingerprints, facial features, irises, tattoos, or DNA—to identify people, sometimes even instantly. Just as the technology that powers your cell phone has shrunk both in size and cost, mobile biometric technologies are now being deployed more widely and cheaply than ever before—and with less oversight.

Mind your manners: 13 rules of modern mobile phone etiquette

Technology plays a bigger part in our lives than ever before, which means the way we interact with it in social situations is always evolving.
For your convenience, here’s a list of handy dos and don’ts to help you navigate the treacherous waters of modern tech etiquette.


Discover how 4G can make your mobile phone even better

The internet is already a huge part of our lives, but not just for browsing the web.

Email, social media, and online services like banking and shopping are also essential for many, but as the things we can do on the internet become more complex, we demand and expect more from our internet connection.

Not that fast access to the web or downloading very large files causes much concern when we’re using a desktop or notebook PC.